Kidney Stones Treatments

Phosphoric Acid Kidney Stones Remedy

Ouch! You cry at the ache. You are suffering like a dying pain. You can t resist the pain. No, You are not pregnant. You may be kidney stone pain. Do you know that kidney stone pain in women is more painful than pain experienced in childbirth?

Everyone suffering from the kidney stone pain will not imagine having the incident again. They are trying their hard to dissolve the kidney stone. Do you know that one in every twenty people develop kidney stone sometimes in their life? If you are one of them who never gone through the pain, then consider yourself lucky one.

Making out of kidney stone surgery is taking out as a money business for doctors. Millions of people prefer kidney surgery. But why they do so when it is not necessary. You should try in dissolving kidney stone. There are many home remedies that are helpful in dissolving kidney stone. Save your thousands if dollars and save your kidney from the various treatment and the harsh side effects of medication and surgery. How about dissolving kidney stone naturally?

Drink lot of water and make your job simpler. The main cause of kidney stone is dehydration. It happens when because your body didn’t get enough water to flush the unwanted toxins and impurities. However drink at least ten glasses of water a day.

One of the effective home ingredients for dissolving kidney stone is phosphoric acid.

This is a natural acid mostly present in most of the fruits. This acid erodes the layers of stone. The acid levels create a proper environment for the stones and begin dissolving stones in very less times. It dissolves the stone to the max in almost two hours after the treatment started.

Do not remain inactive after the use intake of phosphoric acid. Now you have to flush calcium from your body. The water soluble vegetables allow the calcium to go away room your body in the next few hours. It is needed to flush the calcium out after the first treatment of phosphoric acid.

Dissolving kidney stone up to 80 % is very much possible due to the efficient use of these two home remedies. You can start from your kitchen itself. You will not believe it but your stone will take just 24 hours to dissolve with the help of these two home ingredients.

Actually, our body is naturally designed to pass the kidney stone. Do not go for expensive medication and surgeries before trying for the remedies. It is good for your health too.

Prefer distilled water as it is perfect for flushing your system and passing stones.

The combinations of lemon and citric acid have been known to dissolve hard materials. They will play a crucial role in dissolving kidney stones. Add lemon to your drinking water.

Drink cranberry juice. This way you can maintain your urinary tract which will help prevent kidney stone formation
If you drink 10 glasses of water per day then a daily soft drink could help in dissolving kidney stone in future life.

Tyy these remedies and assist your body in dissolving kidney stone.